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generation payments

With Payaza, your customers have access to as many payment options as possible at a very affordable rate

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Why Payaza?

Easy and delightful

Grow revenues, delight your customers when you use Payaza to address all your payment concerns in your business.



With Payaza, you can be sure of less transaction errors and instant payouts

24/7 Support

You can be sure not to run into any errors but just incase you do, we’re always available to help.


Payaza is easy to use, and provides a refreshing customer experience on your every use.

Our Solution

Your payment experience but with even forward-thinking solutions

Empower your customers to make payments, by using Payaza. Just plug-and-play and you're good to go.

Virtual Accounts for all
your customers

Create virtual accounts for your
customers at no extra cost.

Easy, Instant Payouts
to your customers.

Pay one customer or pay as many as
you want with Payaza.

  • An editable validator to make changes
  • Detailed progress of all payouts

Send links, and receive
payments easily

Create payment pages quickly by adding
simple fields and share with customers.

  • Easily customizable payment pages
  • Sharable to all or selected customers.

Checkouts when and
how you want it

Multiple payment so your customers
never find it hard making payments.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Quick Responses

Built for Developers
by Developers

Discover how you can build financial features in minutes with Unit's powerful API, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs.

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